the publishing industry is constantly changing and diane purcell’s 26 years as a consultant and advocate have proven her adaptability, knowledge and integrity. publications trust her submissions and clients trust her to get them seen in best light.

her long-standing relationships with regional, national and international publications combined with her in-depth understanding and enthusiasm for architecture, art and photography are the perfect fit for anyone needing their story told. diane employs a collaborative and open process which includes her full attention as she works to craft the best documentation, pitch and secure placement.

architects, artisans, designers and builders that want a strong, well-respected and effective voice that publications listen to, choose diane purcell.

beliefs and values

individuality, respect, glass half-full, strong collaboration, commitment, motivated, hate waste, protect nature, loyal but adventurous, thoughts influence outcome, teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. i believe in doing the right thing even when no-one is looking.

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